Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Lionfish Cookbook

Image licensed under Creative Commons by BONGURI

The Lionfish Cookbook: No, we're not kidding. Just see the link to the News Daily article below. Seems that the Lionfish invasion of the waters off Florida have become a problem. So much so that they actually wrote a cook book with 45 recipes for these beauties. They claim the delicacy is safe (except for the spines) and delicious. We expect a good export business to Japanese fish markets...

Yes, you may purchase a copy of The Lionfish Cookbook from the Amazon Carousel below.  Thank You.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Bee Beard 2 image licensed under Creative Commons by Max xx

Huggle: The VERY unfortunate conflation of honey and smuggle. Some executives have actually been charged with the allegations of honey smuggling and tainting it with antibiotics*. One might be tempted to conclude that now the honey supply cannot be trusted much like the egg and dairy supply...

Can you imagine what the agency phone call was like?  Riinnnggg: Hello, Special Crimes Unit, Bee and Honey Division.  Actually, when that phone rings it sounds like a buzzing bee...

FOM: * US Indicts 11 Executives with Honey Smuggling (from BBC News), Honey, Honey Bee (from Wikipedia), Smuggling (from the Wikipedia), Memorandum from Senator Chuck Schumer on Honey

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

OVER 500 MILLION EGGS HAVE BEEN RECALLED IN THE USA ~ Updated Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Image licensed under Creative Commons by Zyada

Updated Tuesday, August 30, 2010*  (See Below)
OVER 500 MILLION EGGS HAVE BEEN RECALLED IN THE USA.   Since this posting, the egg recall has been expanded to 550 million eggs according to the latest posting from REUTERS NEWS AGENCY.  That is the equivalent of 45.8333 million dozen!!! That is the equivalent of 183.333 MILLION RESTAURANT SIZED OMELLETES.  THAT IS A SUFFICIENT QUANTITY TO KILL more than every American ALIVE TODAY.  This represents about 8.5% of the total egg production estimate for the USA in 2009 (6.5 billion).  THIS IS ROUGHLY  TWO EGGS PER EVERY LIVING AMERICAN.  THIS IS A NATIONAL EMERGENCY.  THIS IS A NATIONAL DISGRACE.


THE FOOD AND DAIRY INDUSTRY HAS BEEN AWARE OF THIS GROWING PROBLEM OF SALMONELLA AND OTHER FORMS OF BACTERIAL CONTAMINATION FOR MANY YEARS.  IF YOU HAVE RECENTLY BECOME ILL FROM TAINTED DAIRY PRODUCTS (FOR EXAMPLE; DIARRHEA, VOMITING, FEVER... and so on..) and you have recently been sold dairy products - especially EGGS - a suggestion: send all of your doctor bills to the place where you purchased these tainted products.

They may protest their innocence, they might even develop a law suit* against this blog, but make no mistake about it...they have possibly compromised your health, your safety and your life for the potential of making a few miserable cents on the sale of these compromised "food products".  RETURN ANY AND ALL EGGS AND DAIRY PRODUCTS TO YOUR LARGE SCALE RETAILER OF THESE PRODUCTS TODAY!!!

Also, one study estimated that eggborne illnesses in the USA exceeded 180,000 in year 2000.  It should be pointed out that roughly 200 people have been sickened per week since May of this year.  This would be equivalent to 10,400 people being sickened per year ~ a figure which sounds low based on the year 2000 study. 

There is abundant literature concerning salmonella in eggs and other contamination.  We hope to return with more information for you shortly.  Please visit our Google Books section (below) on Food Safety.  It should also be pointed out that we have not named the companies identified in the principal investigation of this outbreak.  Please contact us or leave a comment if you need these names.

The egg recall has been expanded as of Saturday, August 21, 2010.  The USA Today news website has done quite a good story on this latest outbreak, link to it here:

And now it looks like the Egg Recall will be expanded even beyond the staggering half-billion mark.  We are guesstimating that the number could come close to one billion eggs.  This comes from REUTERS NEWS AGENCY and other news outlets, as of Monday, August 23, 2010.  Although, we more than expected this when CNN reported today that the source of the origin of the outbreak has not been identified yet.  The new rules (guidelines, really) went into effect only July of this year - at least 3 months too late, perhaps?  See the "Draft Guidance for Industry Link", below.  Please send us your comments or to the FDA.  But, please be advised, the FDA and every County Agent or Dept. of Agriculture Office is probably swamped west of the Mississipi River.

*You probably heard of the disgusting news developments on your evening news last night.  It appears that sanitation was neglected at the farms that produced these eggs.  The news was sickening but should have been more graphic, in our estimation.  Why have the media not been able to produce more video or photographic evidence?  ABC News Video Link (Monday, August 30, 2010).

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Books on Food Safety: Food Safety Sourcebook, Food Safety, Food Safety: A Reference Handbook, The Food Safety Information Handbook

Other content: Triple yolk egg found.  Wikipedia link on Veggie Libel Law/s

* Please note: Any veggie libel law suit against this blog or posting will be answered with a counter suit - for 10X your company and your legal firm's total earnings.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Conalateral or Conulateral

Conalateral / Conulateral: The conceptual collision arising from Biolateral and conundrum with conative. As mentioned in our Biolateral (posting), how does society then support the individuals facing reduced or non-existent income due to reduced fishing and stocks or an outright ban? Would society offer them permanent unemployment insurance as a collateral consequence of these/this actions? The conundrum here is how to meet these needs...

FOM: Cap-and-Trade for Seafood Industry May be Next , Tuna ban 'justified' by science, Sea Fish in Decline,, Greenpeace Oceans and Depleting Marine Stocks.

Updated: Friday, December 11, 2009

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Biolateral: The conceptual collision of biology and collateral. The growing (?) awareness that humanity had better start treating the world's depleting stocks of food organisms (tuna, cod, shrimp...) like a form of collateral - to be used only in preciously allotted quantities at a time. Or else... those stocks may not be available for use and consumption at a future well as those organisms that are associated with them...
Boycott Tuna.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mangosteen Juice

Image licensed under Creative Commons by foodistablog

Mangosteen Juice: The next fruit juice - health craze? Warning: as always, there are drawbacks.

Mangosteen Juice Could Protect Health In The Obese and Mangosteen.
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The Food Corridors

The Food Corridors: 'Novel' concept for a new type of non-profit / charity to bring much needed food aid and implements (dowsing rods, well points, shovels, picks, buckets, rope and so on...) to those in the world facing the common enemies of malnutrition, starvation and famine. The charity organization is just now in the concept stages, but we will accept donations and pledges. Please hold on to your donations if you need a tax relief receipt immediately. The idea is to build 'food corridors' for humans much like animal habitat corridors. The concept appears to work for wildlife, why not humanity???

You may also contact us through our current Twitter webpage:, new web pages are being planned for this new non-profit.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Sally Lunn Recipe

Sally Lunn Recipe

THE Sally Lunn Bun licensed under Creative Commons by ztil301

Two pounds of flour, one-half pound of butter, three eggs, one pint of milk, one-half gill of yeast, salt according to taste. Cut up the butter in the flour, and with your hands rub it well together; beat the eggs; add them gradually to the flour, alternately with the milk; stir in the yeast and salt. Bake it in an earthen mold, or iron pan, one hour.

FROM: The American Pure Food Cook Book and Household Economist (The Marguerite Series, No. 141, Feb. 1899, Subscription Price $ 6.00/year) © 1898, Geo. M. Hill Co., Publisher, Chicago, Il.

Parkin Recipe

Recipe for Parkin

Parkin image licensed under Creative Commons by Johnson Cameraface

One and 3/4 pounds of flour, one-half pound of oatmeal, four ounces of butter, two pounds of molasses, one teacupful of milk, six teaspoonfuls of baking-powder, one dessert-spoonful of ground ginger. Mix the dry ingredients well together, warm the molasses with milk (do not make it hot), and mix the whole. Bake in a well-buttered tin, for one hour. Cut into squares before taking out of the tin. It should be one and 1/2 inches thick.

FROM: The American Pure Food Cook Book and Household Economist (The Marguerite Series, No. 141, Feb. 1899, Subscription Price $ 6.00/year) © 1898, Geo. M. Hill Co., Publisher, Chicago, Il.

Baked Apple Pudding Recipe

Baked Apple Pudding Recipe

Ten apples, four ounces brown sugar, three ounces butter, four eggs, 2 and 1/2 breakfast cups of bread crumbs. Pare and cut the apples into quarters, removing the cores. Boil them to a pulp. Well whisk the eggs, and put them and the butter into the apple pulp. Stir the mixture for five minutes. Grease a pie-dish, and place a sprinkling of bread-crumbs, then of apple, and proceed in this manner until all are used. Bake for 3/4 hour. The top layer must be of bread crumbs.

FROM: The American Pure Food Cook Book and Household Economist (The Marguerite Series, No. 141, Feb. 1899, Subscription Price $ 6.00/year) © 1898, Geo. M. Hill Co., Publisher, Chicago, Il.